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Since 1987, S. R. Schill & Associates has been helping our clients realize their dreams-- dreams of financial security, sending their children to college and enjoying their retirement. We are a family-run business that provides a full range of wealth management services for individuals and families while placing an emphasis on one-on-one relationships. We make it possible for everyone to have a financial plan prepared by a fee-only fiduciary.


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S. R. Schill & Associates is a family run business with a process that provides a full range of services. Our process is the heart of everything we do and has been since Stanley R. Schill founded the firm over 30 years ago. It encompasses all aspects of acquiring, managing and growing wealth from short and long term strategies that consider all aspects of your financial life to investment advice that's tailored to your personal situation.


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It's summer in Seattle! I consider myself a California girl at heart, so these beautiful days in Seattle are my favorites. There is nothing like a Seattle summer, it’s the perfect time to do all the things you never get to do on the dreary cold days we get; things like going swimming or having a picnic or starting a lush garden. In fact, I like to think of what we do at S. R...
Bob Toomey |
A hot topic with daily traders on Reddit and Robin Hood. How this is highly risky type of market trading is very risky and can affect your retirement and more!
Bob Toomey |
Acknowledging that the coronavirus has resulted in financial hardship for many individuals, Uncle Sam by way of the CARES Act has allowed for temporary suspension of certain rules and penalties for tapping one’s retirement plan this year if one is “qualified” under the Act, meaning either diagnosed or spouse or dependent diagnosed or proof of material adverse financial consequences to the person, spouse, or member of household due to COVID. Of note, the Act allows...