Financial Planning for Everyone – We do not have any minimum asset requirement, so we can help people regardless of their previous saving. 

Clients come first – We are fiduciaries, meaning that we must legally put the needs of the client ahead of our own. In addition, we simply believe that that is way things should be. 

People and relationships matter – You are a name and a face to us. In the history of the firm, no client has ever been asked, “What is your account number?” Our personal service frequently leads to our working with multiple generations of the same family. In at least one instance, we have helped four generations. 

Discipline – We stay disciplined to our process and our model. Discipline helps prevent “timing the market” or making emotional decisions. 

Diversification – Market volatility can be reduced by diversifying your holdings across multiple sectors. Such diversification typically results in client accounts going down less than the stock market during stock market declines. 

Long-term goals, not market timing – It has been documented that attempting to time the market often leads to inferior results. Our disciplined investment process works in conjunction with your financial plan to produce long-term results consistent with your plan and goals. 

Keeping your costs low – We use low-cost exchange traded funds (ETFs) to lower your costs and allow more of your capital to work for you. 

Transparency and liquidity – We believe that you should be able to get to and use your money when your needs require. In addition, we don’t believe in hidden fees or investing in non-publicly traded securities. Every part of our process and your portfolio is transparent and liquid. 

Independence— We are not affiliated with any Broker-Dealer or fund family. Our decisions are only based on what is best for you 

Fee-only—We do not accept commissions. The only compensation we receive or accept is the fee you pay us. If we receive any other compensation, we pass it on to you.