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Simplify. Dignify. Unify.


Relationships. Renaissance. Resources.

Modern retirement goals for most of us:

  • Live healthy, engaged, and relaxed
  • Pursue passions, share knowledge, cultivate gratitude
  • Enjoy family harmony, deepen friendships and connection
  • Avoid our worst fears down the road: diminishing autonomy/identity, becoming a burden, forced moves, family conflict, outliving our nest-egg

Retirement Interrupted

Even when we retire right, with a great family, solid nest egg, and traditional legal documents in place, if we hit a health bump in the road, over 70% of the time our challenging system delivers our worst fears: our families overwhelmed, adrift, or even in conflict. And the ultimate indignity: we get pushed to live in the nursing home, all while losing our hard-earned nest egg. But now, for the first time, there is a solution.

Retirement Reconnected

Your Longevity Plan seeks to flip the retirement interrupted script, helping make the system work for us, instead of against us and simplifying, dignifying, and unifying our lives and those of our loved ones, avoiding retirement interrupted and instead enjoying retirement reconnected.

Replace Risk with Reward: Foresee--and "4C"--Your Future

Longevity planning tackles the top ten sources of burden and family conflict down the road. From making decisions about transitions (professional guidance) to sibling conflict about money (transparency), your Longevity plan shifts the risk of future crisis, concern, conflict, and confusion toward the reward of the "4Cs": control, confidence, connection, and clarity

Creating Your Longevity Plan

Conceive: Working together, we build your Longevity Plan to reflect your values and goals for the future, putting in place the sturdy framework and critical resources to make it easier to achieve.

Communicate: A family meeting led by your advisor is one of the most valuable elements of your Longevity Plan. Most come out feeling a weight lifted and a newfound confidence and connection.

Confirm: Annual meetings confirm your plan remains ready to put in motion.

Consigliere: If challenges arise, your Longevity advisor is there for your family to help keep your Longevity plan on track.

Shape Your Story

"Our most cruel failure in how we treat our parents is the failure to recognize that they have priorities beyond merely being safe and living longer; that the chance to shape one's story is essential to sustaining meaning in life" -- Dr. Atul Gawande, Being Mortal. Longevity Planning is about shaping your story.


Meet Our Director of Longevity Law & Planning, Scott Schill