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Considerations for Older Investors in Upside Down Times

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Financial planning during these times of uncertainty - June 8, 2020

Much of what we do as financial planners involves forward-looking assumptions. The assumptions encompass many areas: inflation, the economy, interest rates, financial market performance, and assessments pertaining to financial market and geopolitical risk. Add to that list increasing risks around health care/pandemics and more recently, domestic unrest. It conjures up a recipe for a high degree of turbulence and uncertainty. Click here to full article

Bear Markets and Financial Planning - April 17, 2020

"Most people are aware that the stock market has recently experienced what is referred to as a “bear” market. This term refers to a decline in the market of 20% or more. This most recent bear market has declined by about 35%."​ Click here to full article.

'Volatility: An essential component to higher returns March 22, 2020

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'Robo Investment Advice Has Drawbacks February 22, 2020

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'Business Perspective In The New Year January 20, 2020 ​

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Finding Your Proverbial Strawberries December 22, 2019

Year-end in the investment and financial services business is traditionally the proverbial “forecasting season” in which many firms issue their fearless prognostications for the forthcoming year relating to such things as financial market returns, interest rates, the economy, Federal Reserve policy, etc. Click here to full article.

Lessons In long-term planning November 25, 2019

In October, our firm marked its 32nd anniversary in business. We opened our doors on an interesting day, Monday. Oct. 19, 1987. Click here to full article.

Why the Month of October has a Bad Reputation October 22, 2019

October is here and for stock investors there is something about the month that can bring on feelings of anxiety and downright fear.Click here to full article.

Music and Financial Planning September 18, 2019

I’ve been involved in studying and playing music since I was a kid. After begging my parents for guitar lessons for years, my mom finally broke down and let me take guitar lessons at the age of 10. Click here to full article.

Financial Success and Mountaineering August 15, 2019

I recently summitted Mount Shasta in California, a 14,200-foot volcano. It is a gorgeous mountain and summitting was very rewarding. Click here to full article.

Bob Toomey Mentors University Students

We are pleased to announce that our Director of Research, Bob Toomey, has been selected as mentor to a group of students from Pacific Lutheran University who are competing in this year’s Pacific Northwest Investment Research Challenge. The competition, sponsored by the Seattle CFA Society, involves teams from local universities who compete in writing and presenting a professional-grade research report on a local publicly-traded company, with the winning team competing in the U.S. national challenge in March.

Have you had a chance to view our blog, “The Cascade View”?

It is written by our Vice President of Research, Bob Toomey. It provides timely commentary on important news and events relating to the economy, financial markets, investments and financial planning. We address issues that we think might be of interest or a concern for our clients. You can sign up to become a “member” of the blog, which will alert you to new posts to the blog. The blog address is Check it out!

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