S. R. Schill & Associates: Grow your Assets!

Stacy Schill |

It's summer in Seattle! I consider myself a California girl at heart, so these beautiful days in Seattle are my favorites. There is nothing like a Seattle summer, it’s the perfect time to do all the things you never get to do on the dreary cold days we get; things like going swimming or having a picnic or starting a lush garden. In fact, I like to think of what we do at S. R. Schill & Associates as sprouting gardens for our clients.

As financial planners and advisors, we grow what start out as financial seeds into beautiful flourishing gardens. To make sure these gardens succeed, one of the first steps is to make sure they get plenty of sunlight. We provide our clients with unlimited one-on-one time with their advisor to make sure that their plans stay healthy, green, and up to date.

               We also water our clients’ gardens by investing, thereby turning their assets into a diverse portfolio, which reduces volatility and increases peace of mind, ensuring their portfolios will withstand even the strongest of winter storms.

Finally, our clients know and trust that their gardens are in the hands of people with only the greenest thumbs. Much like placing your young and green plants into the hands of trustworthy gardeners, we take extraordinary care of the assets our clients entrust us with, because we value them and recognize the immense faith they put in us. And every day we do right by them, growing their gardens from tiny seeds into thriving green yards.

Like the best gardens, S. R. Schill & Associates has stood the test of time, celebrating our 30th anniversary in 2017. In all our 34 years of helping our clients thrive in all climates, one of the things they feel is like a part of the family – and they are. S. R. Schill is a family-run firm, with my Dad Stan being our founder, my brother-in-law Len as our CEO, and my aunt Eva handling our client relations. Over the years we have hired a few team members from outside the Schill clan, but they have all grown, (no pun intended), to be like family to us.

Let us help grow your garden from seeds to trees. We like to say that our family is here for your family, and the most important thing we have in these uncertain times is family. Now that our offices have reopened, we’d love to see you and have you meet the team; your personal team of financial gardeners.